Montserrat Papias joined Center for Wellness Nutrition in February 2016 as a Health Educator. Montserrat Papias holds a Bachelor of Science in clinical nutrition from the University of California at Davis. While attending UC Davis she volunteered for organizations such as the CommuniCare Health Centers in West Sacramento and the Health Education and Promotion Program at the UC Davis Student Health Center. She also served as an intern for the Good Food Davis Project where she taught nutrition education to students with learning disabilities. Once graduating, she relocated to Los Angeles and worked for the national non-profit organization, Common Threads, as a Chef Instructor working with underserved communities. Through this position she taught students and their families cooking skills, in addition to leading nutrition education workshops for Spanish-speaking parents. As a Teacher Trainer, she coordinated trainings for teachers and staff to help empower them on creating healthy choices for their personal health and how to be healthy role models for their students. Montserrat took an interest in nutrition because she is passionate about educating and empowering others about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. During her free time, Montserrat loves to volunteer. She recently served as a volunteer for Southern California’s 2015 Fall Games Special Olympics and helped promote health to athletes. She sees nutrition as a lifelong investment and a powerful tool.