Author: Rachel Otter

Wellness Matters! January 2020

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! January 2020 In this issue: CWN welcomes their new Health Educator, Sofia Monterroza Figueroa; A California study shows healthier eating behaviors; CWN staff will attend the 2020 CalFresh Healthy Living Forum in Orange County, California February 10-12, 2020; Recap of the Schools for Healthy Thriving… Read more »

Wellness Matters! September 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! September Issue 47 In this issue, we welcome another new CWN employee to the team, Samaurrii Coleman; highlight CWN’s Retail Team receiving a recognition from Sacramento County Department of Public Health Obesity and Prevention Program; CWN’s presence at the 13th Annual Southern Obesity Summit; and… Read more »

Wellness Matters! July & August 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! July Issue 45 | August 46 In July’s issue, we welcome Aleli Alcaide to the team; reintroduce our Training & Technical Assistance Catalog; recap the SPSSI summer conference; and many more exciting articles. In August’s issue, we welcome back Angela Dennis to the team; announce… Read more »

Wellness Matters! June 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! Full articles: June Issue 44 In June’s issue, meet our newest colleague, Dr. Jacqueline Barkoski! CWN will be at the 10th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference in Anaheim, CA (July 15-18, 2019), so check out the schedule of events that staff will host including poster sessions, an exhibit booth,… Read more »

Wellness Matters! May 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! Full articles: May Issue 43 In May’s issue, we’ve highlighted our very own Dr. A. Vega-Arroyo’s paper, Impacts of weather, work rate, hydration, and clothing in heat-related illness in California farmworkers, published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine (Vol 62, Issue #4), that addresses the… Read more »

Wellness Matters! March & April 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! March Issue 41 | April Issue 42 In March’s issue, we welcome our newest team member, Emilie McClintic, as a Research Associate; highlight the California State Nutrition Action Committee’s Farmers Market Initiative second year; a USDA proposed rule; and, a healthy recipe of the month to… Read more »