Do You Have the Right Data to Tell Your Story?

Successful behavior change initiatives require a strong understanding of the target audience, the barriers they face, and their motivations to make change. We offer a wide range of services to help you measure your program’s effectiveness, as well as help you gather the right information to create a compelling case for funders, media, and other stakeholders.

Our experts can help you:

Conduct program evaluation

We have evaluation expertise ranging from large-scale, formal impact evaluation studies to small-scale, pilot intervention evaluations. We also have expertise in impact/outcome evaluation, evaluation of emerging projects, and program fidelity. We can help you determine if your intervention is practice or research-based and help you reach those goals. 

Develop process evaluation data collection systems

We develop processes for obtaining consistent data across a wide variety of programs and contractors, ensuring compliance with USDA’s Education and Administrative Reporting System (EARS) as well as other federal and state reporting systems.

Build capacity

Our team of experts can empower your team to evaluate and improve services. We have extensive experience in developing customizable impact/outcome (IOE) processes. Our approach is unique in that we can empower groups without evaluation experience to participate in evaluating their own programs which builds infrastructure for long term success.

Our experts at the Center for Wellness and Nutrition partnered with the Survey Research Group can provide the following services:

  • Develop evaluation processes for new and existing projects
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection, cleaning, and analysis
  • Create data collection instruments, data entry templates, report forms, and training materials
  • Bilingual telephone interviewing and an on-site CATI call center
  • Translation and cultural competency reviews for surveys and materials
  • Tailored electronic survey design, development, and distribution
  • Conduct impact evaluation on social marketing campaigns, direct project interventions, and pilot projects
  • Forensic survey research and sophisticated weighting techniques
  • Public health research and reports to inform policy and programs
  • Build the capacity of your staff to participate in ongoing project evaluation efforts

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To find out how we can help you with your evaluation needs, call us at 916.265.4042 x0 or send us an email at info@wellness.phi.org.