Jane Alvarado-Banister serves as a Program Manager at the Center for Wellness and Nutrition, a program of the Public Health Institute. Since 2003, Ms. Alvarado-Banister has dedicated her career to working with partners and advocates who seek to implement policy change efforts, including parents, youth, educators, and public health professionals. By working with communities, schools, and community-based partners, her expertise and training have led to powerful policy changes that have created healthier and more equitable settings for children and adults alike.

Her experience includes working with communities in California’s Central Valley, utilizing policy, systems, and environmental change strategies to support the creation of healthier, more equitable communities. Her areas of expertise include local school wellness policies, coalition building, policy change, parent engagement, and youth development. Ms. Alvarado-Banister is proud to be bilingual and bi-cultural and utilizes her insights and experiences to connect with a variety of community partners and organizations.

Ms. Alvarado-Banister has a Baccalaureate of Arts degree in Communication from California State University, Fresno; national certification in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration from the Humanics Program at California State University, Fresno; certification in Health Policy Leadership from the Central Valley Health Policy Institute at California State University, Fresno; and, most recently, certification from the University of California, San Diego in lactation education.