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Cooking Matters® 6-Week Cooking Class Series

This class series teaches adults the skills to shop and cook healthy and family-friendly meals on a budget. Each week, class participants will cook and eat healthy meals together, and take home prizes like aprons, cookbooks, shopping lists, and more! Participation in all six classes is highly encouraged. Click the registration links for more information about each class.

For more information, contact CWN at 916.265.4042 or

This class series concluded June 2018. Please check back periodically for new classes beginning.


Archived Webinars


SNAC Toolkit
State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC) Toolkit: A Guide for Developing State-Level, Cross-Program Partnerships to Reduce Obesity

July 2018

The webinar offers an overview of the SNAC Toolkit, which provides an in-depth guide for states establishing cross-program partnerships and implementing initiatives to prevent and reduce obesity. The SNAC toolkit includes recommendations, tools, and activities for recruiting and retaining partners, selecting an initiative, developing a plan, and implementing and evaluating the initiative.

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Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Methods to Tell Your Story

March 2018

When evaluating programs, it’s important to use methods that quantify changes in indicators and outcomes to measure your progress, but understanding why and how those changes are occurring is equally important. Designing evaluations to use both quantitative and qualitative methods makes it possible to understand important, and often unexpected, factors at play in the implementation of programs and interventions.

Discover how the Center for Wellness and Nutrition uses quantitative and qualitative methods to programs, and learn how you can use similar methods to tell your story.

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Youth-led Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

February 2018

The Center for Wellness and Nutrition believes that youth voice and buy-in is imperative to building sustainable healthy communities. We train and provide technical assistance to organizations to conduct YPAR projects where young people engage with health equity issues that affect their communities to build tangible community change. These projects not only provide youth with the opportunity to engage their leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, service learning, and strategic-thinking skills, but also leave lasting effects on the community.

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Healthy Retail Strategies

January 2018

Center for Wellness and Nutrition’s first in a series of mini webinars on innovative programs that improve people’s lives through healthy eating and physical activity. This #WellnessWednesdayWebinar on January 17th focused on healthy retail strategies to increase shoppers purchases of healthy items. By promoting healthy choices, retailers can simultaneously increase sales of healthy items while also promoting community wellness.

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CPL webinar
Catalysts for Change: 3 Perspectives for Healthy Policy and Practice Change in the School Environment

May 2016

To advance school wellness policies and practices takes time, guts, and vision for real efforts to take place. The Public Health Institute’s Center for Wellness and Nutrition and California Project LEAN are please to invite you to learn from three school stakeholders – an adult ally working with youth, a parent leader, and a district superintendent – about their efforts to advance successful school wellness policy and practices in their district. This webinar:

  • highlights three stakeholders’ perspectives and the types of partnerships needed to advance school wellness policy and practices
  • shares strategies that support realistic district and/or school site wellness activities
  • describes the importance to have clear goals and outcomes to achieve a common goal, especially when related to creating healthier school environments.

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Promotional Strategies for Healthy Retail Programs Webinar

April 2016

Working with retailers to provide shoppers with adequate access to healthy foods is an integral part of public health efforts to prevent obesity, reduce certain chronic diseases, and enhance community vibrancy. This webinar explores how public health professionals can work with food retailers, from large chain grocery stores to corner markets, to increase shoppers’ access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables. In this webinar we will:

  • share best practices for recruiting retailers to participate in your program
  • explore available tools, marketing and promotion efforts and how store staff can further these efforts
  • highlight emerging healthy retail strategies within SNAP-Ed programming

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Worksite Wellness Webinar
Best Practices in Worksite Wellness Webinar

February 2016

Many individuals spend a major part of their waking hours and eat many meals at work, often with little control over the food and drinks available, making the workplace a natural venue for investments in health. Worksites that make policy, systems and environmental changes toward good health can have a huge impact on the health of the individuals spending so much time at the workplace and ultimately improve health in communities.

This webinar is about how to bring prevention to work through SNAP-Ed worksite wellness programs. Presenters share best practices, approaches to engaging businesses and key partnerships in place to support and sustain these efforts.

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FANOut Participation Committee
Food Access Nutrition Education and Outreach (FANOut) Participation Committee Webinar

December 2015

The purpose of this committee is to discuss and review Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) outreach activities in California and provide recommendations for improved program delivery and implementation.

The primary topic on this webinar was sharing best practices and partnership opportunities within Early Childhood Education programs. In addition, we introduced the new CalFresh Branch Chief, Kim McCoy-Wade. There was a report out from the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as federal and state legislative updates related to healthy food access for low-income Californians.

Hosted by: The California Department of Social Services, CalFresh Branch of the Welfare-to-Work Division

Facilitated by: Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition

Presentations and Handouts:

SNAP-Ed Presentation Image
SNAP-Ed Healthy Food Access and Healthy Food Systems

April 2015

Explore successful programs and strategies that the Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition has developed, implemented, and evaluated for SNAP-Ed in California under contract with the California Department of Public Health to increase access to healthy foods in low-income communities. Best practices in retail interventions, farm to school, and partnering with food policy councils to improve local food systems is discussed.

Presented by: Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition and special guest, Roots of Change

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