Program Design

Designing Programs to Change Communities

The most effective programs are those tailored to reflect the diversity of cultures within a community. We build programs from the community level up that create sustainable change. Our programs reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes for all.

Our experts can help you:


Develop and implement targeted, culturally relevant initiatives

We create policy, systems, and environmental change programming and multi-channel social marketing campaigns designed to support low-resource Latino, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

Empower young people to make healthy changes

We work with schools, communities, and non-profits to implement nutrition standards, physical activity promotion, youth participatory action research projects, safe routes to school, and more. We also work with farmers to create closer ties between schools and farms.

Engage the food retail industry to improve access to healthy foods

We have expertise partnering with retailers to reach low resource consumers through merchandising, food sampling, store tours, and environmental change strategies.

Click on the links below to see how we can work with you to design customized programs to reach underserved populations as well as multi-channel social marketing campaigns: