Partnering to Create Healthier Communities

The Center for Wellness and Nutrition collaborates with hundreds of like-minded organizations to empower communities to eat healthier foods and be more active where they live, work, learn, play, and worship.

In addition to our internal expertise, community, state, and national partners, we have ready access to the Public Health Institute’s (PHI) broad range of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention experts. This enables our team to provide our clients with the highest level of full-service offerings in Program Design, Evaluation, and Capacity Building.

Check out the other PHI programs we can tap into to help us develop customized, evidence-based programs designed to create healthier communities.

Berkeley Media Studies Group

Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) works with community groups, journalists, and public health professionals to use the power of the media to advance healthy public policy. To do this, BMSG conducts research to understand how news, entertainment, and advertising portray health and social issues. Through media advocacy training and consultation, BMSG helps advocates harness lessons from that research and develop the skills they need to become stronger voices in policy debate and illuminate the need for improving the places where all people live, learn, work, and play.


CA4Health is a community of practice consisting of people and organizations working to advance chronic disease prevention and health equity in California. CA4Health will build regional partnerships, create opportunities for efforts to be leveraged, and facilitate coordinated actions that will enhance, expand, and elevate the participants’ work and efforts statewide. We believe that increased collaboration, fostering non-traditional partnerships, and tackling tough challenges together will create impactful, lasting change in California.

Cultiva LaSalud

As an initiative of the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH), Cultiva LaSalud works in Fresno, Kern and Stanislaus counties in six largely Latino neighborhoods and communities including Southeast Fresno, Orange Cove, Southeast Bakersfield, Arvin, Ceres, and Turlock. 

The goal of Cultiva LaSalud, which literally means, “cultivate health” in Spanish, is to increase access to environments with healthy food or beverage options and increase access to physical activity opportunities. Through these approaches Cultiva LaSalud will seek to increase the daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, healthy beverages, and increase physical activity among the targeted Latino population. The project will be working in partnership with the Delores Huerta Foundation and the Ceres Partnership for Healthy Children.

Roots of Change

Roots of Change (ROC) is a think tank-and-do tank working to ensure emergence of a sustainable food system in California. ROC provides road maps to food movement power and policy victories. ROC has a clear change strategy, an extensive statewide network of change agents, and a track record of spawning and leading projects that are transformative because they unify actors to push for progress using multiple intervention points simultaneously. ROC is focused primarily on California because it is a bellwether that can positively influence the nation.

Survey Research Group

The Survey Research Group (SRG) conducts population based health-related surveys, using one of the country’s most technologically advanced call centers. Since 1987, public health officials, advocates, and researchers use the data for: tracking health risks, identifying emerging problems, improving treatment, and evaluating programs. SRG’s mission is to foster health, well-being, and quality of life through rigorous quantitative and qualitative research guided by the principles of equity in health, environment, education, and economic context.

Population Health Innovation Lab

The mission of the Public Health Innovation Lab (PHIL) is to leverage PHI’s expertise and deep experience in population health to accelerate innovative investments, strategies and interventions that build healthier populations and realize a broad social and financial return. Sue Grinnell, MPH, is Director of Business Strategy and Technology at PHIL. Grinnell comes to PHI from the Washington State Department of Health, where she served as special assistant for Health Transformation and Innovation, and directed the departments of Chronic Disease and Maternal and Child Health as well as the Office of Healthy Communities.