Partnership and Coalition Building

Partnership and Coalition Building

What we do:
We have extensive experience helping local and state coalitions to create strategic goals and identify common causes that resonate with all participants. We assist groups in developing action plans, identifying new partnerships, and engaging community residents.

We can help you:

  • Define and refine current goals
  • Facilitate and provide direction for group to accomplish goals
  • Customize activities based on the group needs
  • Identify partners that can help achieve your goals
  • Gain community support
SNAC Toolkit

State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC) Toolkit: A Guide for Developing State-Level, Cross-Program Partnerships to Reduce Obesity

To view the training webinar and download the presentation, please visit our Archived Webinars section in the Events page.

Interested in learning more?
Please contact CWN at [email protected] or 916.265.4042 x0.