Global Nutrition and Partnerships

Evidence and Impact


Home gardening in sub-Saharan Africa: A scoping review on practices and nutrition outcomes in rural Burkina Faso and Kenya

We are feeding! Study protocol of a multi-center, cluster-randomized controlled trial on the effects of a home garden and nutrition counseling intervention to reduce child undernutrition in rural Burkina Faso and Kenya

“We Will Always Ask Ourselves the Question of How to Feed the Family”: Subsistence Farmers’ Perceptions on Adaptation to Climate Change in Burkina Faso

Climate Change Policies in 16 West African Countries: A Systematic Review of Adaptation with a Focus on Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition

Application of the Capabilities, Opportunities, Motivations, and Behavior (COM-B) Change Model to Formative Research for Child Nutrition in Western Kenya

Designing integrated interventions to improve nutrition and WASH behaviors in Kenya

Practices and Perspectives on Latrine Use, Child Feces Disposal, and Clean Play Environments in Western Kenya

Determinants of food preparation and hygiene practices among caregivers of children under two in Western Kenya: a formative research study

A Qualitative Assessment of Barriers and Enables to Uptake and Adherence of Supplements for Pregnant Women in Haiti


Estimating Yields of Household Fields in Rural Subsistence Farming Systems to Study Food Security in Burkina Faso


Institutional barriers to climate change and health adaptation in Burkina Faso

Transformative Adaptations for Health Impacts of Climate Change in Burkina Faso and Kenya

Climate Change, Health Risks, and Vulnerabilities in Burkina Faso: A Qualitative Study on the Perceptions of National Policymakers

Utilizing remote sensing at a subsistence farming level to explore child undernutrition in the context of climate change


Rajasthan Nutrition Project: Improving Gender-Equitable Household Nutrition – Outcomes Overview

Health and Microfinance: Leveraging the Strengths of Two Sectors to Alleviate Poverty

Building Resilience in Burkina Faso: Increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities in disaster-affected areas of Burkina Faso – Outcome Overview

Maa aur Shishu Swasthya: Cross-sector Mother and Child Health Program – Final Evaluation Report

Nutrition at the Center: Client Outcomes of the Rajasthan Nutrition Project

Hurdling the Health Access Barrier

It takes a community to keep a mother healthy


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