Worksite and Employee Wellness

Reaching People at Worksites 

Worksite and Employee Wellness

What we do:
Most of our days our spent at our worksite. That’s why it’s key that worksites support healthy change. Our team of experts work with worksites across the nation to empower employees to eat more fruits and vegetables, choose healthy beverages, and be physically active. Healthy employees are good for business and the community at large. 

We can help you:

  • Design a tailored plan to help businesses develop a healthy company environment and culture that supports healthy eating and physical activity
  • Implement tools that have been field-tested in a diverse mix of businesses
  • Build your staff’s capacity to work with private sector companies to improve health
  • Evaluate the strategies implemented in worksites and their effects on employee and community health

Interested in learning more?
Please contact CWN at [email protected] or 916.265.4042 x0.

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