Raissa Sorgho

Dr. Raissa Sorgho is the Director of Global Nutrition and Partnerships at the Center for Wellness and Nutrition of the Public Health Institute. She leads the design, development, and execution of three global human-centered food and nutrition programs in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. In addition to establishing the CWN’s global nutrition portfolio, Dr. Sorgho oversees the alignment of leadership strategies with health equity principles, manages partnerships, and client development, and advances policies in key markets to support sustainable development.

Dr. Sorgho completed her undergraduate at Bucknell University (USA) and holds a master’s in public health and a doctorate in global health from Heidelberg University (Germany). Her expertise includes health (nutrition and heat), climate change (adaptation and sustainability), and policy (review and implementation), with an emphasis on evidence-based decision-making. She has professional experience in conducting political economic analyses of national drug supply chains in southeast Asia, implementing agro-biodiversification and nutrition randomized control trials in east and west Africa, and investigating the association between reducing emissions and health co-benefits in western Europe.

Dr. Sorgho has published and presented her work at high-level conferences including the World Health Summit and the Conference of Parties while retaining her affiliation as a researcher at Heidelberg University, and a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development and the World Health Organization.