Wellness Matters! September 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! September Issue 47

In this issue, we welcome another new CWN employee to the team, Samaurrii Coleman; highlight CWN’s Retail Team receiving a recognition from Sacramento County Department of Public Health Obesity and Prevention Program; CWN’s presence at the 13th Annual Southern Obesity Summit; and so much more!


Wellness Matters! July & August 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! July Issue 45 | August 46

In July’s issue, we welcome Aleli Alcaide to the team; reintroduce our Training & Technical Assistance Catalog; recap the SPSSI summer conference; and many more exciting articles.

In August’s issue, we welcome back Angela Dennis to the team; announce a new partnership with Valley Children’s Healthcare; some amazing back to school tips; and plenty of other engaging articles.

Wellness Matters! June 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! Full articles: June Issue 44

In June’s issue, meet our newest colleague, Dr. Jacqueline Barkoski!

CWN will be at the 10th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference in Anaheim, CA (July 15-18, 2019), so check out the schedule of events that staff will host including poster sessions, an exhibit booth, and oral presentations.

Check out the highlight about the 20th Anniversary CDC DNPAO REACH convening in Atlanta, GA. Then read about important food health and safety tips for preparing and eating meals outdoors. There’s even a tasty recipe, Mango Cucumber Wraps!


Wellness Matters! May 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! Full articles: May Issue 43

In May’s issue, we’ve highlighted our very own Dr. A. Vega-Arroyo’s paper, Impacts of weather, work rate, hydration, and clothing in heat-related illness in California farmworkers, published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine (Vol 62, Issue #4), that addresses the heat-related illnesses that many farmworkers in our food system experience. Also, a recap about Fruit & Veggie Fest and Rethink Your Drink Day which were huge successes! In addition, Public Health Institute is recognized and honored by receiving the 2019 Sacramento Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Award. This award is given to businesses that have exemplary workplace support for their breastfeeding employees and a written lactation accommodation policy that is communicated to all employees.


Wellness Matters! March & April 2019

CWN’s monthly eNewsletter, Wellness Matters! March Issue 41 | April Issue 42

In March’s issue, we welcome our newest team member, Emilie McClintic, as a Research Associate; highlight the California State Nutrition Action Committee’s Farmers Market Initiative second year; a USDA proposed rule; and, a healthy recipe of the month to celebrate National Nutrition Month®.

In April’s issue, we welcome our California Project LEAN members to our eNewsletter; highlight the Southeast Region FFY17 outcome evaluation; review a recap of Youth Quest 2019; and, a highlight of new retail partnership within the Sacramento, CA area.


Wellness Matters! February 2019

Wellness Matters! newsletter has a new look and feel! Plus, we announce our new Communications Project Manager, Amber Martin. Check out February’s newsletter, Wellness Matters!, for important updates from our partners including our newest resource, the State Nutrition Action Council Toolkit.

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Wellness Matters! January 2019

“What’s new in 2019?” you ask. Well, there’s a lot going on at Center for Wellness and Nutrition (CWN)! Check out January’s newsletter, Wellness Matters!, for important updates including our newest employee, Camille Johnson-Arthur. You’ll also learn about CWN’s new brand and the Move Your Way in 2019 campaign.

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The SNAC Toolkit is Here!

SNAC ToolkitCheck out the State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC) Toolkit! You can find the complete toolkit in our Resources section of Our Work as well as the webinar recording in the Events section.

The webinar offers an overview of the SNAC Toolkit, which provides an in-depth guide for states establishing cross-program partnerships and implementing initiatives to prevent and reduce obesity. The SNAC toolkit includes recommendations, tools, and activities for recruiting and retaining partners, selecting an initiative, developing a plan, and implementing and evaluating the initiative.